The repo is solving a problem with package flurry_navigation as it’s old any the owner didn’t update it. The drawer is very beautiful and many people likes it so much. For these reasons I push this repo for public to help them to add this beautful drawer to their projets. I wih this will help you.


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3- Samir Code Hanbook

The application Idea is to collect very important technologies which may help any one interested in studying the Computer Science and Programming track. The application Sahres different tracks and it’s now in the development time and this is the first version and it consists of the following technologies :

1- The algorithm and data structure codes in C++

2- Three sortuing algorithm visualizer

3- Flutter kit which contains (Widgets catalog – UI Kit – Github Projects)

4-The Problem solving guide with solutions (video – code in C++, java and python )

The application iscompletely build with flutter framework and it is only target is to help the students so it is completely free and any one can contact with me any time to get help in the code.

Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot_1632245863 Screenshot_1632245897
Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot_1632245870 Screenshot_1632245878
Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot_1632245884 Screenshot_1632246677


you can see the app details from this repo https://github.com/Mohamed-7018/Samir-Code-HandBook

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