MIT License

Flutter widget that calculates the size of a widget in runtime.


Just wrap your widget with Tailor and get the size in the builder. The builder will return the size whenever the size of the widget changes.

  builder: (_, size, child) {
    return Container(
      color: Colors.red,
      height: 100,
      width: 100,
      alignment: Alignment.center,
      child: Text(
        "Size: ${size.toString()}",
        textAlign: TextAlign.center,
        style: const TextStyle(color: Colors.white),

We can get the size of any widget using Tailor widget but what if we want to get the size of the AppBar when it’s placed in the Scaffold? Then the Tailor widget will not work and you can’t wrap it around the AppBar as it’s a normal Widget and AppBar is a PreferredSizeWidget.

class AppBar extends StatefulWidget implements PreferredSizeWidget {

So to tackle this problem we’ve TailorAppBar. Just wrap the AppBar with TailorAppBar widget when it’s placed in the Scaffold and voila! You’ll get the size of your AppBar.

  appBar: TailorAppBar(
    builder: (_, size) {
      return AppBar(
        title: Text('AppBar width: ${size.width} height: ${size.height}'),


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