A Flutter widget to set time with spinner instead of material time picker.

12H format

24H format

24H format with second

Custom style

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props types defaultValues
time DateTime Current Time [ DateTime.now() ]
minutesInterval int 1
secondsInterval int 1
is24HourMode bool true
isShowSeconds bool false
isShowSeconds bool false
highlightedTextStyle TextStyle false
normalTextStyle TextStyle false
itemHeight double 60.0
itemWidth double 45.0
spacing double 20.0
alignment AlignmentGeometry Alignment.centerRight
isForce2Digits bool false
onTimeChange TimePickerCallback


import 'package:flutter_time_picker_spinner/flutter_time_picker_spinner.dart';

Widget widget() {
  return new TimePickerSpinner(
    is24HourMode: false,
    normalTextStyle: TextStyle(
      fontSize: 24,
      color: Colors.deepOrange
    highlightedTextStyle: TextStyle(
      fontSize: 24,
      color: Colors.yellow
    spacing: 50,
    itemHeight: 80,
    isForce2Digits: true,
    onTimeChange: (time) {
      setState(() {
        _dateTime = time;