1. Guide ?

This library was built on the foundation of the json_serializable and freezed libraries.

This library provides the ability to automatically generate class objects supported by the freezed library directly from JSON files.

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1.1. Motivation ?

  • JSON-based model design.
  • Synchronize the design and implementation of model objects.
  • Expand the possibilities of the freezed library even more.

1.2. Getting Started ?

1.2.1. Prerequisite

The codes automatically generated by this library depend on json_serializable and freezed.

So, let’s add the prerequisite libraries to pubspec.yaml as follows.

  json_annotation: ^4.6.0
  freezed_annotation: ^2.1.0

  json_serializable: ^6.3.1
  freezed: ^2.1.0+1

1.2.2. Install Library

Next, let’s install the libraries to use the freezer functionality.

With Dart:

dart pub get freezer

With Flutter:

flutter pub get freezer

1.2.3. Create a JSON File

freezer interprets JSON files as design information and automatically generates object classes supported by the freezed library.

And you need to note following rules when you use the freezer.

  1. freezer parses files with the .freezer.json extension.
  2. freezer parses JSON files stored in the .design folder.

So, now let’s create a JSON file with the following structure as a trial.

  "shop": {
    "name.!required": "My Fancy Shop",
    "product": [
        "name": "Chocolate",
        "price": 5.99
        "name": "Gummy",
        "price": 8.99
    "closed": false

And then store this JSON file in the .design folder of the root of project.

├── analysis_options.yaml
├── design
│   └── shop.freezer.json
├── lib
├── pubspec.lock
└── pubspec.yaml

1.2.4. Execute Command

Now let’s execute the following command and see what happens!

dart pub run freezer:main

Then, this trial is successful if the following output is obtained.

Started process for 1 files

[INFO] Reading cached asset graph completed, took 31ms
[INFO] Checking for updates since last build completed, took 293ms
[INFO] Running build completed, took 917ms
[INFO] Caching finalized dependency graph completed, took 17ms
[INFO] Succeeded after 939ms with 4 outputs (4 actions)

┏━━ Generated dart files
┣ ✔ /Users/user/package/lib//product.dart
┣ ✔ /Users/user/package/lib//product.freezed.dart
┣ ✔ /Users/user/package/lib//product.g.dart
┣ ✔ /Users/user/package/lib//shop.dart
┣ ✔ /Users/user/package/lib//shop.freezed.dart
┣ ✔ /Users/user/package/lib//shop.g.dart
┗━━ 6 files in 1.1904 seconds

And you can see generated dart codes in the .lib folder like below.

├── analysis_options.yaml
├── design
│   └── shop.freezer.json
├── lib
│   ├── product.dart
│   ├── product.freezed.dart
│   ├── product.g.dart
│   ├── shop.dart
│   ├── shop.freezed.dart
│   └── shop.g.dart
├── pubspec.lock
└── pubspec.yaml

1.3. Contribution ?

If you would like to contribute to freezer, please create an issue or create a Pull Request.

There are many ways to contribute to the OSS. For example, the following subjects can be considered:

  • There are request parameters or response fields that are not implemented.
  • Documentation is outdated or incomplete.
  • Have a better way or idea to achieve the functionality.
  • etc…

You can see more details from resources below:

Or you can create a discussion if you like.

Feel free to join this development, diverse opinions make software better!

1.4. Support ❤️

The simplest way to show us your support is by giving the project a star at GitHub and Pub.dev.

You can also support this project by becoming a sponsor on GitHub:

1.5. License ?

All resources of freezer is provided under the BSD-3 license.

Copyright 2022 Kato Shinya. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided the conditions.

Note License notices in the source are strictly validated based on .github/header-checker-lint.yml. Please check header-checker-lint.yml for the permitted standards.

1.6. More Information ?

freezer was designed and implemented by Kato Shinya (@myConsciousness).


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