ThemeX is an easy theme manipulation basied on Material Design. Only inform primary color and the ThemeX generate all color combination palette for you

ThemeX result



ThemeX a simple usage. Only inform primary color and the magic happens

Create a ThemeX instance

final theme = ThemeX(
    brightness: Brightness.light,
    primaryColor: const Color(0xFF684437),
    colorEngine: ThemeXColorEngine.traditional,
    backgroundColor: Colors.white,

Set theme on MaterialApp

  title: 'ThemeX',
  theme: theme.get(), //Here set theme attribute with ThemeX codes
  home: const MyHomePage(),

How to see visual result?

For see result is simple call a dialog any page or menu that you will see the entire generated color palette

  context: context,
  builder: (context) {
    return const ThemeXDialog();

How to get properties from ThemeX?


Get primary color

var primary = ThemeX.I.primary;

OR get primary variants

var primary50 = ThemeX.I.primary[50];
var primary100 = ThemeX.I.primary[100];
var primary200 = ThemeX.I.primary[200];
var primary300 = ThemeX.I.primary[300];
var primary400 = ThemeX.I.primary[400];
var primary500 = ThemeX.I.primary[500];
var primary600 = ThemeX.I.primary[600];
var primary700 = ThemeX.I.primary[700];
var primary800 = ThemeX.I.primary[800];
var primary900 = ThemeX.I.primary[900];

Get secondary color

var secondary = ThemeX.I.secondary;

OR get secondary variants

var secondary100 = ThemeX.I.secondary[100];
var secondary200 = ThemeX.I.secondary[200];
var secondary400 = ThemeX.I.secondary[400];
var secondary700 = ThemeX.I.secondary[700];

Get Greyscale color

var grey = ThemeX.I.grey;

OR Greyscale variants

var grey50 = ThemeX.I.grey[50];
var grey100 = ThemeX.I.grey[100];
var grey200 = ThemeX.I.grey[200];
var grey300 = ThemeX.I.grey[300];
var grey400 = ThemeX.I.grey[400];
var grey500 = ThemeX.I.grey[500];
var grey600 = ThemeX.I.grey[600];
var grey700 = ThemeX.I.grey[700];
var grey800 = ThemeX.I.grey[800];
var grey900 = ThemeX.I.grey[900];

Semantic colors

var success = ThemeX.I.success;
var danger = ThemeX.I.danger;
var warning = ThemeX.I.warning;
var info =;
var secondarySuccess = ThemeX.I.secondarySuccess;
var secondaryDanger = ThemeX.I.secondaryDanger;
var secondaryWarning = ThemeX.I.secondaryWarning;
var secondaryInfo = ThemeX.I.secondaryInfo;


var h1 = ThemeX.I.h1;
var h2 = ThemeX.I.h2;
var h3 = ThemeX.I.h3;
var h4 = ThemeX.I.h4;
var h5 = ThemeX.I.h5;
var bodyLarge = ThemeX.I.bodyLarge;
var bodyMedium = ThemeX.I.bodyMedium;
var buttonLarge = ThemeX.I.buttonLarge;
var buttonMedium = ThemeX.I.buttonMedium;
var subtitleLarge = ThemeX.I.subtitleLarge;
var subtitleMedium = ThemeX.I.subtitleMedium;


Discover Highlight/Contrast color from the another color

If you use the yellow color in the background and want to find out which one color accent this background

var backgroundAccentColor = ThemeX.I.contrastColor(Colors.yellow);

Color engine

Color engine generate a pallet color variants basied on Constantin Material Design, Buckner Material Design and Traditional Material Design.

Pass attribute “colorEngine” on ThemeX create

final theme = ThemeX(
    brightness: Brightness.light,
    primaryColor: const Color(0xFF684437),
    colorEngine: ThemeXColorEngine.constantin, //Or ThemeXColorEngine.buckner or ThemeXColorEngine.traditional


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