The Civ Draft

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The idea behind the Civ Draft came from the issue some friends and I were having with Civ6 Drafts, as we played more and more we didn’t want to play the same civs but ended up banning tons of civs, taking tons of time.

This web app allows for the same draft capabilities as great tools like CivDrafter, with the added capability to store bans between runs in the local storage of your browser.


This tool uses Flutter for the interface and Firebase for hosting. Github Actions are used to automate deployment.


If you have a suggestion to make this better, please open an Issue on Github. If you have a fix/improvement of your own feel free to open a pull request and I will help get your ideas into the project!

Upcoming Improvements

  • Adding a Google integration with Firebase Cloudstore to be able to sync your bans across multiple browsers.
  • Keep track of the results between games, adding statistics and player profiles if demand is sufficient.
  • Better mobile support and overall improving the UX (adding dark mode)



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