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CVParser Project powered by iExtract

The Web-platform which helps you to parse your CV into JSON format

Our platform was designed for helping Innopolis Admission Team for choose new aplicant. With right filtering and viewing, which our platfrom provide, they can choose the best one.

Our team

  1. Nikita Grigorenko – Team Lead, Developer;
  2. Konstantin Fedorov – UX Developer;
  3. Vitaly Mahonin – UI Developer;
  4. David Eje – Core Developer.

Demo video

Click here if you want to watch the video

How to use it

Just open the link here and use our latest stable version. Upload your CVs and you view them. You can search by names of files, by words in the PDFs. Also, you can select and delete all.


Web interface to the CvParser functionality of iExtract API.

You can access the latest stable version here.

You can find our product backlog here

Link to the Figma

Features of our Project

  1. Uploading multple CVs
  2. Deleting CVs
  3. Select one or more CVs and deleting them
  4. Action progress
  5. Failure window with message of error
  6. Home page with ability to drag and drop files and just adding them by button
  7. Scrolling between files
  8. Adaptive design for screen with different sizes(from 13′ to 30′)
  9. Ability to export one or more JSON at once
  10. Uploading PDFs file by file
  11. Searching by labels and mathes

Frameworks or technology

We use the Flutter Web for our project. Also we write some backend on Jango for mock API


If you have any questions regarding to our project contact us by:

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]


MIT License Copyright (c) 2022 CVParser


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