ThankQ : A Virtual Queueing App for Amusement Parks!


Waiting for your favorite ride in a long queue is really frustrating, so we developed an app which delights guests and helps them beat the queue and have a joyous experience. Today’s guests expect friction-free experiences, meaning long wait times, getting lost or missing out on activities just won’t cut it. By connecting the entire guest journey with our mobile app, customer can ensure that every visit counts.

This is the first of its kind app in India for Amusement/Theme Parks and provides a win-win situation for customers as well as amusement park managemenet in revenue generation.

Benefits of ThankQ App


1.)Reduces friction and frustration Today’s visitor experiences at theme parks are filled with needless frustrations like waiting in long queues and getting lost. Remove frustrations that detract from the guest experience with our intuitive, feature-rich mobile app that acts as a digital concierge and responds to guests’ every need. The queue time feature is very helpful when planning route around the park. The app will help the users to save a lot of time and they will manage to get most out of their visit.

2.)Say goodbye to never-ending lines Free guests to explore the rest of the amusement park and squeeze more thrills into their day. The app will Update Queues in real time so the customer doesn’t waste their time searching for the correct ride. Also the App will help Minimise contact and promote social distancing by removing physical lines

3.)Re-imagine the on-site experience Empower guests to make the most of their day, with an end-to-end solution that adds value at every touchpoint throughout their visit. From arrivals and admissions, to finding their way and deciding what to do next, this app provide users with everything they need to improve their experience.

4.)Provides Real time information on Availability of rides for all the amusement/theme parks nearby

5.)Saves users from exposure to crowd as you will be prompted to come at destined date and time.Time wasted in long standing queues at entry as well as rides and amenities is saved.

6.)Helps the customer in planning their day

7.)Helps in solving the problem of parking issue at amusement parks & better ustiluisation of parking place.



1.)No over crowding at Amusement/Theme parks as the management can see through app how many people have booked the tickets and they can plan in advance.

2.)Provides flexibility in operation of theme parks as theme park owners can operate facilities as per queuing status thereby saving resources and optimising cost/profits.

3.)This App will help the management in more revenue generation as amusement park operation will be identified/regulated through app. (user comments/star rating/feedback)

4.)Improves utilisation of other theme parks also thereby improving their revenue realisation as customer can acess all amusement park status at one platform . For example- a customer physically visits a theme park, finding it over crowding he returns back but now through the app he can acess the queueing status at other theme parks also and plan judiciously.

5.)Quick, effortless setup Quickly open, close or evacuate queues and update guests automatically.Compensate guests with free rides or passes if they are required to leave a queue


Features of ThankQ App

1.)User friendly interface and Easy navigation.

2.)Help users find their way back when it’s time to ride. The app will Automatically send notifications when it’s their time to ride. Provide interactive directions from anywhere on-site to help guests reach the entrance on time.

3.)On Homepage User’s Age Group is asked. The app Shows a list of Rides according to the selected age Group in order of less queue. (LESS QUEUE DIVERSION)

4.)On selecting a particular Ride, its details-Description of Ride,Total Time of Ride,Select number of persons,Amount,Payment,Show User’s Queue No.,Generate QR code

5.)At the entry of ride, show QR Code and enjoy your ride.

6.)After the ride is complete,the app shows alert for next ride-NEXT RIDE IS READY/PROCEED FOR NEXT RIDE(LESS QUEUE DIVERSION). Also user can Stop this ride ,Skip this ride,Snooze this ride 7.)Other Attractions of amusement park-Food,Dining,live Shows/Magic shows,Gaming Arcade,Shopping,water park etc.

8.)Navigation Bar of the App has features like Amusement Park map, Info button shows -Medical Emergency service,lost and found,Washroom & Drinking Water,FAQs

9.) Also feature of Pickup facility is shown if the ride is far

How we built it ?



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