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This is my first full-stack project. I developed stack overflow clone mobile application in Flutter. With this application, you can ask questions and answer other users questions. You may like questions and answers and you may change your profile,change your password, edit questions and delete questions, and edit answers and delete answers.


I developed the back-end part myself with node.js and mongodb and this project was developed with my back-end API. You can read and reach back-end part here.

??‍? Coding

I tried to write the code of this project as clean as possible. I used provider state-management and used MVVM as the software architecture model. In terms of folders, the project proceeds through four main folders. The core folder contains structures such as extensions, singleton classes, base classes, network and token layers, theme operations and validators that I use in every project. The features folder is the part where the atomic widgets or components I have prepared specifically for this project or my managers are located. The products folder is the part where each screen is separated according to the MVMM software architecture model, and the design and API integration is done. Finally the uikit folder is ready-made design components that I use in every project. For example button, textfield, alert, skeleton list etc.

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If you wanna run this project first you must setup and run backend part. You can find the back-end installation and repository here.


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