SoundVolumeView that displays general information and the current volume level for all active sound components in your system, and allows you to instantly mute and unmute them.

Expressions of gratitude

First of all thanks to nirsoft for creating SoundVolumeView.exe. Without this it would not be possible for Windows.

Getting started

Supported platforms:

Windows [ X ]

MacOS [ ]

Linux [ ]

Android [ ]

iOS [ ]


SoftwarePatch should indicate the folder where you have the executable SoundVolumeView.exe..

SoundVolumeView soundVolumeView = SoundVolumeView(softwarePath: 'C:\\Program Files\\Sound\\');

Get list of input and output devices

List<Device> devices = await soundVolumeView.getDevices;

Set UnMute / Mute

await soundVolumeView.unMute( devices[index] );

await soundVolumeView.mute( devices[index] );

You can also listen to the capture sound.

await soundVolumeView.setListenToThisDevice(devices[index], listen: true);


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