HR App

Sample project for an employee management application.

Getting Started

Choose a storage implementation to be used. The application currently supports three options:

  • Hive
  • Floor
  • In memory
    This must be set in lib/domain/interactor/user_interactor.dart in the constructor. Default is Hive.

Floor is not supported when running on web.

Run the code generator:

flutter pub get
flutter pub get run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs

To log in, use:

Currently, there is no dedicated backend for this application: the login data is only checked locally, and the initial worker list is loaded from


A few tests are provided in the project. While these only test a few cases, they can be used as a template for other tests.
To run the unit and widget tests, run flutter test.

If the tests fail because of missing or incorrect golden image file, run flutter test --update-goldens

To run the provided integration test, use flutter drive --driver test_driver/integration_test.dart --target integration_test/main_test.dart. This will log in, wait for the users to load, and create a screenshot.
The integration test can also be run as a widget test if await binding.convertFlutterSurfaceToImage(); is removed.


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