This project contains some sample applications created with Flutter, mainly clones of designs obtained from dribbble and behance.

Getting Started

  1. If you don't have Flutter, you can find information for install it here! Install Flutter ? ?

  2. Open your terminal and clone this repository in your computer with this command: git clone https://github.com/moisessc/flutter_samples.git

  3. Now go to the cloned repository folder with: cd flutter_samples

  4. It's time to get all the dependencies, you can do it typing in your terminal: flutter pub get

  5. Make sure your device or emulator is initialized and execute this command: flutter run and enjoy the samples ?

Flutter clone designs

Delivery App :pizza:

Principal screen Details Screen
Delivery App Delivery App Details
Package in the project Design
delivery_app Food Delivery service - Mobile App

Facebook Redesign by Mao Lop :eyes:

Light Mode :sunny:

Home screen Profile screen Settings screen
Home Profile Settings

Dark mode :new_moon:

Home screen Profile screen Settings screen
Home Dark Profile Dark Settings Dark
Package in the project Design
facebook_ui Facebook Redesign Dark Mode