Plumbr is an app that provides all kinds of services from household to plumbing works, it directly connects the employee to the customer. The best part about Plumbr is that anyone can be an employee.
Incase the houseowner wants someone to do works like cleaning, plucking grass etc. then he can directly log into the app and see who is the nearest employee available along with the rating/review of each employee.

  1. Among the top 5 projects for Hackbells Hackathon’21
  2. Top 25 teams among 300+ participants for IBETO’21 by Excel MEC

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Why we need Plumbr

Due to the covid-19 pandemic a lot of the daily workers lost their job, with the introduction of this app, anyone can join as an employee in our app, in the present scenario a lot of people find difficulty in finding workers for doing basic jobs at their house especially the older generation, our app makes it easy for anyone to find the nearest employee available.
In a time where workers from other states(Bengal, Orissa) earn more than most of the government officials, our app would revolutionize the field of employment because anyone can be an employee. to help upgrade local businesses and produce an online presence for them. Due to the emergence of online agencies that provide their services, these small business owners are in a state of danger.

How Plumbr works

Suppose the user wants to hire someone tfor paining:

  1. He logs into the app.
  2. Selects the gardening section.
  3. He gets the realtime location of the employees nearby(within10km as default).
  4. The user can select the employees’ profile which includes his rating,reviews,hiring charges and the list of works he do,There will also be a separate section featuring the top rated employee at the user’s location.
  5. After completing the work,the customer has to mark the work as ‘finished’. 6. The employee will receive an OTP, which the customer has to enter in the Plumbr to complete the payment.

Tech stacks used

  1. Flutter
  2. Firebase/Firestore
  3. Google maps APIs
  4. Adobe XD

App screens



  1. Mohammad Salman Ali pary
  2. Athul Reji
  3. Amjad Ali
  4. Adithya Kartha


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