Performance Testing For : Riverpod-Sign-Default state changes

For run integration test:

dart run runner.dart [args]

“runner.dart” runs the “flutter driver” command for the certain files and adds the “results” to the result folder.

There is config variable in test/congig.dart.

if Config.device is :

“android” : The test runs if there is a device connected. The --no-dds argument is added automatically. The -d argument is not added, because flutter driver run automatically connected emulator or device.

In other cases, if Config.device is not empty, -d <device> arguments added.

If Config.device is empty, -d argument not added.

I test only android and windows. If you want to test iOS or other devices, maybe you need make some configuration.

If you make configuration for iOS or other devices, please make pull request.

args can be “flutter driver” commands args.

Config.repeatTest determines how many times the test will be repeated.

Config.repeatState determines how many times the state is refreshed in each test.


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