NITC study planner, is an android application that helps the students and faculties to maintain their schedule. It provides the reminder facility in the form of notifications.

About the Project

  1. This system helps us to overcome the traditional system of maintaining the timetable.
  2. Instead of looking at the timetable, set the time table once and get the reminder for the specified time period.
  3. Student login for NITC students.
  4. The reminder will be in the form of notification as set by the user.
  5. Feedback regarding the application can be given by the user, which can be used for development purpose.
  6. Weekly and monthly view.

Reason for Automation

In the current scenario there is no study planner available for the students or teaching staff in NITC. Remembering the entire schedule for the day is not possible and even if one remembers there may be chances to forget. To know about the lectures/classes/assignments/exams scheduled for the day/week/month they have to check in the eduserver or manually make a self time table from time to time. Thus to overcome this we need a study planner, so that we have our schedule available to us on the click of a button.


  1. For the first time a user needs to register with NITC mail id.
  2. User has to set the time period of the semester.
  3. Student has to set the schedule only once for the daily events (lectures).
  4. Students can set time for different activities like ( workshop , exam ,events, assignments, meetings, etc) and mention the priority if any.
  5. Users can give feedback about the application.

Technology Stack

  1. Flutter
  2. Firebase
  3. Email_auth
  4. Sqflite
  5. Android Studio
  6. Visual Studio Code


  1. We had difficulty while designing UI using flutter. We had to work on it from scratch.
  2. Email authentication for checking NITC email id.
  3. Verifying the email id with OTP.
  4. Maintaining the local database.
  5. Reading flutter doc.



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