Money Manager v1.0.0

Project Description

Money Expense Manager is an application that allows a user to easily keep track of how much money he/she has and how much he/she has spent. It will be a CRUD application, a user can create or add his income and expenses, user can update his expense, view, and delete the expenses. In the first version of this application, a user will be able to keep a record of what he/she has spent in which places, along with his income and the amount spent. In the next version the login feature may be added for authentication. In this application, a user can enter the application with his/her name, add income or expenses by specifying the amount of money. How much money he/she receives details of what he/she did or where he/she spent it and on what date he/she withdrew the money or on what date he/she spent the money will be stored as input.

Requirement Specifications

• User can access the application using only the name.

• Users can change their own name at any time by entering the profile section.

• On the home page of this application a user can see in his dashboard, how much money he/she has earned, how much money he/she has spent andhow much money he/she has.

• A user can view his transactions on the home page.

• A user will be able to record in the transaction section, the amount of money, the date of the money, the date on which the incident took place and whether it is income or expense.

• A user will be able to delete the transaction

Use case Diagram


Entity Relationship Diagram


Working Process


A user can log in to the application using his name. After logging in, he can view the homepage. If the transaction is not done in the first case, he will be asked to add the transaction. When he adds the transaction, he will be able to add the transaction after the amount of money, the transaction details will be in the income sector or his details in the expense sector and the date on which he is transacting. The amount of his transaction can then be seen in the details in the dashboard above. A user can change his name from the settings icon at any time. A user can delete his transaction at any time.


Start Screen



image image image

Add Transaction

image image imageimage

Add Rename

image image

Delete Transaction


Implemented Software

IDE: Android Studio 2021.2.1.15

JDK – Java 18

Framework – Flutter 3.0.2

Database – Hive Db

Version control – Github

Future Update

• Authentication.

• Cloud Storage.

Challenges Faced

• Faced error into database issue.

• Different kinds of framework version issue.

• Faced not getting any data from user input.

• Front end logical issue.

• Faced Some Little bugs.



Still there are some limitations to this Expense manager app. If I just want to go through a brief discussion then I can say that I could make the UI more attractive. We could add more features to this project.

• It would be better if we could add time for each transaction.

• If we could add cloud storage it will make better to get the data at any devices . I have found out the mentioned limitations above. I am so on it to meet those limitations and build a competitive application.

Highlighting point:

• User can make unlimited Transactions.

• Users can delete any transaction at any time.

• The UI is simple and minimal.

• User can rename his/her name at any time.

Future Scope

This project has achieved the objective of building simple application using flutter. The development of this project has been achieved by using dart and flutter which is becoming popular likely to be the choice of development for mobile app developers in the future. This project can be further extended as per as user requirements.

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