Log4j Log4Shell Scanner Dart (l4ss_dart)

Log4ShellScanner Dart

I love Dart. I hate Log4Shell. Seeing as I am so in touch with my emotions, I comined those two feelings and created this.

It may or may not work, I make no promises about my amazing code. Please don’t run it against things you don’t have authorization to.

Good luck, and happy holidays.


No arguments, just run pub get in the project directory and then dart l4ss.dart after you have provided the targest.txt and payloads.txt files.

targets.txt– put one url (no http or https in front pls) per line
payloads.txt– put one payload variation per line

It will cycle through GET, POST, and PUT methods.

The total amount of requests you make can be found with this:
(targets * 3) * payloads

Please be advised that I do not believe in rate limiting. (But I’ll add it ASAP)

Inside of l4ss.dart there are two bools, __log and __ver.

__log = true will turn on minimal logging, and enable __ver to work.
__ver = true will just log everything, because why not.


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