Google Firebase Services

Note: Some parts are not committed and they are on working.

It this practical project we learned Firebase Authentication and Firebase Firestore in a higher level.

Lessons and what we covered

In previous practical projects (CafeBase) we just learned about these things:

  • Flutter
    • Bottom modal for settings
  • Firebase setup
    • Setup for Android
  • Firebase Authentications
    • Anonymous Authentication
    • Email Authentication
      • Email login
      • Email registration
    • Logout
  • Firebase Firestore
    • Read date without specific query
    • Insert data Create one new document

But in this project we cover more lessons. Like:

  • Flutter
    • Alert dialog for logout
    • Bottom navigation bar
    • Using GoogleFonts
    • Settings to show user image and other stuff
  • Firebase setup
    • Setup for iOS
  • Firebase Authentications
    • Google Authentication
    • Access to user objects
      • Name
      • Photo
      • Email
      • Phone
  • Firebase Firestore
    • Read date with specific query
    • Update a document


Here are some images that you can see.

  • Firebase Firestore
    Firebase Firestore

  • Firebase Authentication
    Firebase Authentication

  • Landing page
    Firebase Firestore

  • Adding page
    Firebase Firestore

  • Logout

  • Settings page (profile)

  • Voting page


  • Insert a new user by user
  • Add more screenshots of application
  • Fix boolean in adding user

Next practical project?

Next practical project for Firebase and Flutter will be focus on Firestore more. In summary, things will be cover are listed below:

  • Flutter
    • Theme and settings for theme
    • Dark and light mode
  • Firebase Authentication
    • Apple Authentication
    • Github Authentication
    • Twitter Authentication
  • Firebase Firestore
    • Deep dive in Firestore and lots of new stuff for it
  • Firebase Real-Time
    • Take a short look of what is Firebase real-time database


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