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The Klutter Framework makes it possible to write a Flutter plugin for both Android and iOS using Kotlin Multiplatform. Instead of writing platform specific code twice in 2 languages (Swift + Kotlin), it can be written once in Kotlin and used as a Flutter plugin.

Important: Klutter is in alpha.

Getting started

Add klutter to your pubspec.yaml:

  klutter: ^0.1.0


flutter pub get

Use plugins


flutter pub klutter:android

This task will do 3 things for your Flutter project:

  • Create a .klutter-plugins file in the root folder.
  • Create a new Gradle file in the flutter/packages/flutter_tools/gradle.
  • Update the android/settings.gradle file to apply the newly generated Gradle file.

The .klutter-plugins file will register all Klutter made plugins used in your project. The created Gradle file in the flutter_tools manages the plugins and enables them to be found by the Flutter project.

Create plugins

TODO not yet implemented


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