JHijri Package

An Amazing Hijri Date Converter That Converts Date From Gregorian to Hijri and From Hijri to Gregorian.

Dart – Flutter Implementation of ummalqura-calendar Java.

##Picker To Pick Date Time In Hijri

Use JHijriPicker


  • Convert DateTime To Hijri
  • Convert Hijri To DateTime
  • Convert From DateTime or Input
  • Easy To Use


To Use jHijri

From Input:

final jHijri = JHijri(fMonth: 1, fYear: 1444, fDay: 1);

final jHijri2 = JHijri(fMonth: 1, fYear: 2020, fDay: 1);

From DateTime:

final jHijri = JHijri(fDate: DateTime.now());


final jHijri = JHijri.now();

Additional information

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