FSuper can help developers build complex views quickly and comfortably.

It supports rich text, rounded corners, borders, pictures, small red dots, and set up to two sub-components at the same time, and control their relative positions.

✨ Features

  • Rich corner effect

  • Exquisite border decoration

  • Naturally supports wonderful rich text

  • Gradient effect

  • More sense of space Shadow

  • Not simple Red Point

  • Flexible and powerful relative layout


⚙️ Parameters

? Basic parameters

Param Type Necessary Default desc
width double false null width
height double false null height. can not be double.infinity
maxWidth double false null maxWidth. If width> maxWidth, width is overridden. If there is no width, the maximum expanded width is maxWidth
maxHeight double false null maxHeight. If height> maxHeight, height is overridden. If there is no height, the maximum extension width is maxHeight
backgroundColor Color false null background color
backgroundImage ImageProvider false null Background illustration. Overrides backgroundColor and gradient
gradient Gradient false null Gradient. Will be overwriting backgroundColor
padding EdgeInsetsGeometry false null Text and margins on each side. This is very useful to reserve space for children in FSuper
margin EdgeInsets false null FSuper margins in parent container
corner Corner false null Corner size
cornerStyle CornerStyle false CornerStyle.round Corner style. Rounded by default, set CornerStyle.bevel to bevel
text String false null Text content
textColor Color false null Font color
textSize double false null Font size
textStyle FontStyle false null Font style
textWeight FontWeight false null Font style
fontHeight double false null Height of a line of text = textSize * fontHeight
textAlign TextAlign false TextAlign.center Text alignment
spans List<TextSpan> false null Rich text. After receiving text, the text configuration will be inherited by default. Can be set individually via TextStyle
onClick GestureTapCallback false null Set FSuper click listener

Child Widget Parameters

Param Type Necessary Default desc
child1 Widget false null child widget 1
child1Alignment Alignment false null Relative position of child widget 1 in FSuper
child1Margin EdgeInsets false null child widget 1 relative position based offset
onChild1Click GestureTapCallback false null Click listener of child widget 1
child2 Widget false null child widget 2
child2Alignment Alignment false null Relative position of child widget 2 in FSuper
child2Margin EdgeInsets false null child widget 2 relative position based offset
onChi2d1Click GestureTapCallback false null Click listener of child widget 2

? Red Point Parameters

Param Type Necessary Default desc
redPoint bool false false Whether to show the Red Point
redPointColor Color false Colors.redAccent The Red Point color
redPointSize double false 20 The Red Point size
redPointText String false null text on Red Point
redPointTextColor Color false null Text color on Red Point
redPointTextSize double false null Text font size on Red Point
redPointOffset Offset false null The Red Point shifts to the upper right. The Red Point of Offset (0,0) is in the upper right corner of FSuper. By default, the Red Point is shifted to the upper right by 1/4

? Stroke Parameters

Param Type Necessary Default desc
strokeWidth double false null Border width. > 0 border will be displayed
strokeColor Color false null 边框颜色

Shadow Parameters

Param Type Necessary Default desc
shadowColor Color false null Shadow color
shadowOffset Offset false null Shadow offset
shadowBlur double false null The larger the value, the larger the shadow

? Demo

? Basic Demo

  margin: EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(12, 0, 12, 0),
  width: double.infinity,
  text: "This is FSuper!",
  backgroundColor: Color(0xffffc900),

  text: "En.. ",
  spans: [
        text: "FWidget",
        style: TextStyle(
          color: Color(0xffffc900),
          backgroundColor: Colors.black38,
          fontSize: 20,

FSuper The first part of the text is set through the text property, and related text style properties can be set. If you want to achieve rich text effects, you can pass a TextSpan array via the spans property.

Of course, by default, the properties you have not set for TextSpan will automatically inherit the text style configuration of FSuper.

By default, FSuper is able to adapt the text content size.

But you can still specify a specific size through the width,height properties. If you want the parent container to be full of components, you can set their value to double.infinity.

⚠️ You should never set the size of FSuper to double.infinity in an infinite parent container, because it really does not know how big it should be!

In addition, FSuper also provides maxWidth andmaxHeight to assist in layout, which is useful in the case of an uncertain component size. Your components will never exceed their limits.

Corner & Stroke Demo

  width: 130,
  padding: EdgeInsets.only(top: 16, bottom: 16)
  text: 'Corner FSuper',
  backgroundColor: Color(0xffFF7043),
  corner: Corner.all(12),
  cornerStyle: CornerStyle.bevel,

  text: '音乐类型:流行音乐',
  textColor: Color(0xffc2bfc2),
  padding: EdgeInsets.all(2),
  corner: Corner.all(3),
  strokeColor: Color(0xffc2bfc2),
  strokeWidth: 1,

Using FSuper to declare a corner and border component is very simple.

Corners can be declared just by the corner property. A Corner object will describe the corners of the component. You can control each corner individually.

FSuper supports two types of corners:

  • CornerStyle.round:Rounded corners. This is what we need most of the time.

  • CornerStyle.bevel:bevel corners.

If you want a border, you only need to make StrokeWidth> 0 of FSuper. In addition, the strokeColor property allows you to describe the color of the border.

Gradient & Shadow Demo

  width: 280,
  height: 45,
  text: 'Search Flight',
  textAlignment: Alignment.center,
  textSize: 16,
  textColor: Color(0xff333333),
  corner: Corner.all(23),
  gradient: LinearGradient(colors: [

The gradient property allows you to declare a gradient background for FSuper using a gradient object.

The gradient background will override the solid background color set by backgroundColor.

⚠️ Background priority:backgroundImage > gradient > backgroundColor.

  text: 'Overview',
  backgroundColor: Colors.white,
  padding: EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(6.0 + 18.0 + 6.0, 9, 9, 9),
  corner: Corner(rightTopCorner: 20, rightBottomCorner: 20),
  child1: Icon(
    size: 18,
    color: Color(0xffa6a4a7),
  child1Alignment: Alignment.centerLeft,
  child1Margin: EdgeInsets.only(left: 3),
  shadowColor: Colors.black38,
  shadowBlur: 10,
  onClick: () {
    _showDialog(context, "Disco");

If you are considering adding shadow effects to your components, using FSuper is a great choice.

? Red Point Demo

  width: 60,
  height: 60,
  backgroundColor: Color(0xffeeeeee),
  corner: Corner.all(6),
  redPoint: true,
  redPointSize: 20,
  redPointText: "红包",

Using FSuper can be very simple to achieve the common Red Point effect. Just configure redPoint: true.

In addition, you can add arbitrary text content to the Red Point (it is really convenient) and set its position.

⚠️ The (0,0) position of the Red Point is in the upper right corner of FSuper.

One-stop service to meet all your needs.

Child Widget

    width: double.infinity,
    padding: EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(
        (16.0 + 25.0 + 12), 8, (0.0 + 8.0), 8),
    margin: EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(10, 10, 10, 0),
    corner: Corner.all(6),
    backgroundColor: Color(0xfffff0e7),
    strokeColor: Color(0xfffee0cd),
    strokeWidth: 1,
    text: '警告提示的文案',
    textColor: Color(0xff7e7c7a),
    textAlignment: Alignment.centerLeft,
    textAlign: TextAlign.left,
    spans: [
    child1: Transform.rotate(
      angle: pi,
      child: Icon(
        size: 25,
        color: Color(0xfffd6721),
    child1Alignment: Alignment.centerLeft,
    child1Margin: EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(16, 0, 0, 0),
    child2: Icon(
      size: 15,
      color: Colors.black38,
    child2Alignment: Alignment.topRight,
    child2Margin: EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(0, 8, 12, 0),
    onChild2Click: () {
      _showDialog(context, "关闭警告⚠️");

In FSuper, two child components can be declared by child1, child2. You can specify their location and declare a click event.

This will greatly increase development speed in some common and complex layouts. Especially in the scenario where the size of one component is small and uncertain, and the other component determines the position based on its size, FSuper handles everything.

The effects of these components in the picture only need one FSuper component to complete.

More Demo

Do not be surprised, the effects in the figure are all achieved with FSuper.

The design of the sub-components makes FSuper a qualitative leap in flexibility, and most of the complex views are capable.

For example, the chat bubble in the picture does not need to use the background picture, just use FSuper to achieve it. This makes such components extremely flexible and easy to modify.

  maxWidth: 220,
  textAlign: TextAlign.left,
  text: "I'm created by FSuper ?",
  padding: EdgeInsets.only(
      left: 12, right: 12, top: 15, bottom: 15),
  backgroundColor: Color(0xffa5ed7e),
  corner: Corner.all(6),
  child1: Transform.rotate(
    angle: pi / 4,
    child: FSuper(
      width: 10,
      height: 10,
      backgroundColor: Color(0xffa5ed7e),
      corner: Corner.all(1.5),
  child1Alignment: Alignment.topRight,
  child1Margin: EdgeInsets.only(right: -4, top: 20),
  shadowColor: Color(0xffa5ed7e),
  shadowBlur: 5,

? How to use?

Add dependency in project pubspec.yaml file:

pub dependency

  fsuper: ^<version number>

⚠️ Attention, please go to pub to get the latest version number of FSuper

git dependencies

      url: '[email protected]:Fliggy-Android-Team/fsuper.git'
      ref: '<Branch number or tag number>'

⚠️ Attention,Please refer to the official project of FSuper for the branch number or tag.