Hacktoberfest 2021 Flutter

Welcome to GitHub!

? Instructions

  • Fork this Repository
  • Clone your forked repository to your pc ( git clone "url from clone option")
  • Create a new branch for your modifications (ie. git checkout -b new-user)
  • Make changes to code according to the instructions given below
  • Add your files (git add .), commit (git commit -m "added myself") and push (git push origin new-user)
  • Create a pull request with label
  • Star this repository ?
  • Follow me for more projects ❤

How to make your Pull Request:

? Instructions for making the changes

1. Editing the Code

Add your Github username in the contributer’s list[ ] given in lib/contributers.dart

List<String> contributers = [
    'Your Name',
    // Add your GitHub Username here (please add "," also)

2. Adding you profile:

Create a markdown file in the Contributors folder following the convention .md
Copy the below template and make the changes!!

Name: Your name
GitHub Username: Your GitHub Username
Quote: Any quote!

3. Wait for Pull Request to be Labelled

We will merge your PR. Thanks for the patience ?

4. Celebrate – you’ve done your pull request!!

Yay!! Refresh your profile at Hacktoberfest and see the updates. ?

If you liked the repository make sure to Star ⭐ and follow ?


Nirbhay Makhija

Copyright (c) 2021 Nirbhay-nrb