Welcome to flutter open source GrowERP.

GrowERP is an open source multi platform ERP application you can try right now!

We have latest test version at admin.growerp.org Data at this site will be refreshed regularly.

We have now started a Beta production version:

When the application is loaded, create a new company, select demo data and look around!

If you like this initiative, please give a star to the project.

Documentation available at https://www.growerp.com

We also created a first vertical app for Hotel owners which will be released later.

Install flutter admin app locally

Please note we currectly use the beta version of flutter to switch to beta:

flutter channel beta
flutter upgrade

to install:

git clone https://github.com/growerp/growerp.git 
cd growerp/packages/core 
flutter pub get & flutter pub run build_runner build 
cd ../admin 

Prepare for backend

OR: install backend according: https://github.com/growerp/growerp-moqui.git

OR: use our test backend: change file packages/admin/assets/cfg/app_settings.json:

- from:   "databaseUrlDebug": "http://localhost:8080",
- to:     "databaseUrlDebug": "https://test.growerp.org",  

- from:   "chatUrlDebug":  "ws://localhost:8081",
- to:     "chatUrlDebug": "wss://chat.growerp.org",  

start emulator or use browser and start app in directory: packages/admin:

flutter run

Some phone screen shots:

Some web/tablet screen shots:

The generated business website:


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