Beautiful Flutter weather application. Entirely written in Dart and Flutter. Application is ready for Android and iOS.

:camera: Media

:cloud: Features

  • Beautiful UI and great UX
  • Current weather: current temperature, max and min temperature, humidity, pressure, wind
  • Current sun/moon position, animated countdown until sunset/sunrise, time of sunset/sunrise
  • Weather forecast for 5 days (temperature, wind, rain and pressure)
  • Custom-written chart with animation
  • Sun/moon animation
  • App background based on day cycle
  • Automatically picks user location (also error handling when location can't be selected!)
  • Persist location and weather data in local storage
  • Works offline (user need to download data before)
  • Automatically refresh data every 15 minutes
  • I18n support (currently PL and EN)
  • Bloc architecture, Dio
  • Unit and widget tests
  • Bitrise CI/CD