Invitation Generator

a flutter app to explore movies 💜🔥.

Contains: see (treding, upcoming, now playing) movies, filter movies by genre,

add/remove movies to/from favorite/watching list, besides search movies.

Uses: Riverpod as a state management solution.

(Submited as a part of Okoul Challenge in)


App Demo

App APK File

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Live Demo

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Recorded Demo



Home Page User Profile User Profile Movies Page By Genres
Animation Movies Movie Details Page Movie Trailer Page Add Movie To Favorite List
Add Movie To Watching List Favorite Movie List Watching List Actor Details Page
Cast & Similar Movies Sections Review Section Search For Movies Page Search For Movies Page

Used Technologies

  • Dart language
  • Flutter Framework
  • Riverpod for state managment
  • Dio for Http calls
  • Hive for local storage
  • Shimmer Animation

To Start

This is a normal flutter app. You should follow the instructions in the official documentation.

What Next?

  • I might add a recommendation system to filter movies according to user preferences.


Reem Almutairi

Enjoy 💜☕🧠


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