Source Code for the App Used in The Flutter Festival Saudi Arabia Session

Flutter Festival Saudi Arabia Cover

Inside The App

Home Page

Home Page

  1. Implicit Animations: Animations that do not need an AnimationController
    1. Built-in animation widgets (AnimatedContainer, AnimatedOpacity, ..etc)
    2. Custom animation widgets with TweenAnimationBuilder
  2. Explicit Animations: more complex but customizable animations that use an AnimationController
    1. Built-in widgets that use AnimationController (Transition widgets)
    2. Advanced custom animation widgets that use an AnimationController (AnimatedWidget & AnimatedBuilder)

1.1 Implicit Animations – Built-In Widgets

Flutter Implicit Animations Examples

Examples using the following widgets:

  1. AnimatedContainer
  2. AnimatedPositioned (or AnimatedPositionedDirectional)
  3. AnimatedDefaultTextStyle
  4. AnimatedAlign
  5. AnimatedOpacity

1.2 Implicit Animations – Custom

Using the TweenAnimationBuilder widget

Flutter TweenAnimationBuilder widget

2.1 Explicit Animations – Built-in Widgets

Flutter TweenAnimationBuilder widget

Examples using the following widgets

  1. RotationTransition
  2. SizeTransition
  3. AlignTransition

2.2 Explicit Animations – Custom

Using AnimatedBuilder & AnimatedWidget

Flutter TweenAnimationBuilder widget


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