FingerprintJS Pro Flutter

Official Flutter plugin for 100% accurate device identification, created for the FingerprintJS Pro Server API.

This plugin can be used in a Flutter application to call the native FingerprintJS Pro libraries and identify devices.

FingerprintJS Pro is a professional visitor identification service that processes all information server-side and transmits it securely to your servers using server-to-server APIs.

Retrieve an accurate, sticky an stable FingerprintJS Pro visitor identifier in an Android or an iOS app. This library communicates with the FingerprintJS Pro API and requires an api key.

Native libraries used under the hood:

Quick start

1. Add fpjs_pro_plugin to the pubspec.yaml in your Flutter app.

    sdk: flutter
  fpjs_pro_plugin: ^0.1.3

Run pub get to download and install the package.

2. Use the plugin in your application code to get the visitor identifier

import 'package:fpjs_pro_plugin/fpjs_pro_plugin.dart';

// Initialization
class _MyAppState extends State<MyApp> {
  void initState() async {
    await FpjsProPlugin.initFpjs('<apiKey>'); // insert your actual API key here

// Usage
FpjsProPlugin.getVisitorId().then((visitorId) {
  // use the visitor id

Additional Resources


This library is MIT licensed.


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