Event Manage App

Simple flutter application for listing and filtering out events.

Setup guide

  1. Install Flutter Follow the official guide from the flutter team.

  2. Run flutter doctor

    flutter doctor

    If all are ok, jump-in to the next step.

  3. Go to the event_manage folder

    cd event_manage/
  4. Install all the dependent flutter packages. Run flutter pub get in the terminal, or click Packages get in IntelliJ or Android Studio.

    flutter pub get
  5. Run the application.

    flutter run

Set GraphQL endpoint

For development purposes, I just connected to the local dev server through ngrok tunnel. In that case, the endpoint URL is subjective to change if you are with the ngrok free tier and restart the ngrok tunnel. If you do so please change the GraphQL endpoint URL in the main.dart file. Please refer to the backend repository for further informations about ngrok setup.


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