MAPLE Nowcasting

This repository contains a Flutter app for Android and iOS that facilitates access to precipitation nowcasting data provided by McGill University's J.S. Marshall Radar Observatory.

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What is Nowcasting

Put simply, nowcasting is a practice which aims to accurately extrapolate very-near-future data using past trends. In meteorology, nowcasting algorithms have been developed to predict rainfall 2-6 hours in advance. McGill's MAPLE algorithm does so by extrapolation from recent radar composite imagery and wind directions, and this data is generously calculated and provided by the university for central Canada and the US northeast, updated every 10 minutes.


Most of the planned features for the app are implemented, except for:

  • On-device notifications for chosen forecast locations
  • Extra layers (e.g. temperature, wind barbs) on the map screen
  • Severe weather alerts for your current and/or stored location(s)