Anytime Podcast Player

This is the official repository for the Anytime Podcast Player - the simple Podcast playing app built with Dart & Flutter.

Getting Started

Anytime is currently in Alpha - so please expect bugs! It also only supports Android at this time.
A version for iOS is in the works, but is slower going as I do not have any Apple
hardware to build or test on.


I am looking for a few people to help me test the binaries on the Google Play Store
in a closed Alpha test. If you would be willing to help me, please drop me an email
at [email protected] or raise a GitHub issue.
Once Anytime is out of Alpha I will move to an open Beta test on the Play Store.

Building from source

If you do not have the Flutter SDK installed, follow the instructions from the
Flutter site here.

To build from source fetch the latest from master:

git clone

From the anytime directory fetch the dependencies:

flutter packages get

Then either run:

flutter run

Or build:

flutter build apk

Built With

Anytime makes use of several amazing packages available on Below is a list of the packages that
are heavily used within the application.

  • Flutter - SDK.
  • Sembast - NoSQL persistent store.
  • RxDart - adds additional capabilities to Dart Streams and StreamControllers.
  • Audio Service - Provides background support for supporting audio libraries.
  • Podcast Search - Provides podcast search and parsing.



Anytime takes a layered approach:

  • UI - The UI presented to the users. Currently this is mobile, but could be extended to web and/or desktop in the future.
  • BLoC - Handles the state for the UI. Communication between the UI and BLoC is entirely via Sinks and Streams.
  • Services - Interacts with the API and Repository to provide data handling routines to the BLoCs and other services.
  • API - Interacts with the iTunes API (via a package) to fetch and parse podcast data.
  • Repository - Provides persistent storage.