Flutter Polls

Customizable Polls for Flutter. Simple, easy to use and highly customizable.


Flutter Polls on pub.dev

Getting Started

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  flutter_polls: ^0.1.1

Import it:

import 'package:flutter_polls/flutter_polls.dart';


Check out the example project in the example directory here: example on github


    pollId: '1',
    onVoted: (PollOption pollOption, int newTotalVotes) {
      print('Voted: ${pollOption.id}');
    pollOptionsSplashColor: Colors.white(),
    votedProgressColor: Colors.greyDark().withOpacity(0.3),
    votedBackgroundColor: Colors.grey().withOpacity(0.2),
    votesTextStyle: themeData.textTheme.subtitle1,
    color: Colors.black(),
    votedCheckmark: Icon(
        color: AppColors.black(),
        height: 18,
        width: 18,
    pollTitle: Align(
    alignment: Alignment.centerLeft,
    child: AutoSizeText(
        style: TextStyle(
            fontSize: 20,
    pollOptions: poll['options'].map(
    (option) {
        return PollOption(
        id: option['id'],
        title: AutoSizeText(
            style: tTextStyle(
            fontSize: 20,
        votes: option['votes'],
    metaWidget: Row(
    children: [
        const SizedBox(width: 6),
        style: TextStyle(
            fontSize: 20,
        const SizedBox(
        width: 6,
        '2 weeks left',
        style: TextStyle(
            fontSize: 20,


Parameter Type Description
pollId String The poll id.
hasVoted bool Whether the user has voted.
userVotedOptionId int The user voted option id. If the user hasn’t voted, this will be null.
onVoted void Function(PollOption pollOption, int newTotalVotes) The callback when the user voted.
pollTitle Widget The poll title. Can be any widget.
pollOptions List The poll options. Each item is a map with the following keys: id, title, votes.
heightBetweenTitleAndOptions double The height between the poll title and the poll options.
heightBetweenOptions double The height between the poll options.
votesText String Votes text. Can be “Votes”, “Votos”, “Ibo” or whatever language. If not specified, “Votes” is used.
votesTextStyle TextStyle The style of the votes text.
metaWidget Widget The meta widget. Can be any widget.
createdBy String The poll creator.
userToVote String The user to vote.
pollStartDate DateTime The poll start date.
pollEnded bool If the poll is closed.
pollOptionsHeight double The poll options height.
pollOptionsWidth double The poll options width.
pollOptionsBorderRadius BorderRadius The poll options border radius.
pollOptionsBorder BoxBorder The poll options border.
pollOptionsFillColor Color The poll options fill color.
pollOptionsSplashColor Color The poll options splash color.
votedPollOptionsRadius Radius The voted poll options border radius.
votedBackgroundColor Color The voted poll options background color.
votedProgressColor Color The voted poll options progress color.
votedCheckmark Widget The voted poll options checkmark.
votedPercentageTextStyle TextStyle The voted poll options percentage text style.
votedAnimationDuration int The voted poll options animation duration.
loadingWidget Widget The loading widget when a user votes. Can be any widget.


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