Git Assistant

Assists you to use git and .git in easy and simple way with robust API

BSD-3-Clause License
Dart Version
Dart Platform Support
Under Development


  • Generates git commands in simple form
  • Supports commands, options, flags and arguments
  • Executes generated commands and parse the stdout to use in code
  • Collects git local repository information from .git directory

Getting Started

To use package you can read these examples and examples in examples/example_feature_name.dart.

  • Generate git commands

var git = Git();
print(git.push['origin']['master']); // 'git push origin master'
//               ^           ^
//          remote name   branch
print(git.log.prettyOpt(Pretty.medium)); // 'git log --pretty=medium'

to make your code cleaner you can use extension methods

var git = Git();

extension on GitPushCommand {
  GitPushRemote get origin => this['origin'];
  GitPushRemoteBranch get master => this.origin['master'];

print(git.push.origin.master); // 'git push origin master'