DeFi Scan

This is the official repository for DeFi Scan – a mobile blockchain explorer built with Dart/Flutter for searching, curating and storing details of cryptocurrency accounts.

License: Apache-2.0

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Development – Mini Documentation


  • Dart: >= 2.12.0 < 3.0.0
  • Flutter: Flutter 3.0.2
  • State Management: Provider 6.0.0
  • Other Packages : List


This project currently implements a Dev Layer-First File Structure. Current High Level Look:

‣ lib
  ‣ core
    ‣ constants
    ‣ routes
    ‣ themes
    ‣ utils
  ‣ data
    ‣ prefs
    ‣ models
    ‣ services
  ‣ domain
    ‣ providers
    ‣ repositories
  ‣ presentation
    ‣ pages
    ‣ widgets

System Design for Seperation of Concerns: Data Sources (DB) : Infura and MaticVigil Blockchain nodes


This repository utilizes Continuous Integration against all pushes made to the main branch.

All APKs can be found as artifacts in the Actions TAB

CI / CD tool: Github Actions

Builds/Releases: Artifacts

Development – Contribution

You can contribute by reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, and/or by helping out in code. UI/UX designers are always welcome. I always appreciate feedback, so share your thoughts and suggestions with me: [email protected].

  1. Feel free to fork this repo and help out
  2. Make small, concise, and well documented commits.
  3. No idea where to start? Contact me and we can discuss appropriate tasks.

Getting Started

Check out Flutter’s official guide to installing and running Flutter on your system.


  • Download IDE either Android Studio or VSC
  • Install Flutter SDK and Dart plugin.
  • Flutter stable channel is used for development.
  • Mobile device (emulator or physical).


  • Clone this repo to your local machine: git clone
  • Run flutter run pub get in terminal inside project root directory.
  • Run main.dart on emulator or physical device.
  • All set!


This project is licensed under Apache-2.0 License. It means you’re free to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell this project.

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