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Cross-platform GitHub client in Flutter and BLoC clean architecture.

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App Features

  • Basic, Personal Access Token and OAuth2 authentication
  • View trending repositories and users (github-trending-api)
  • Advanced searching and sorting repositories and users, filter by language
  • View repository and user details, events, issues, commits, pull requests, contributors, etc…
  • View issue and pull request messages
  • Tool for counting lines of code from github repositories (codetabs) (charts_flutter)
  • The missing star history graph of github repos (stars-history)
  • Quickly browse the history of a file from any git repository (git-history)
  • Tool for visualizing GitHub profiles (profile-summary-for-github)
  • View a 3D model of your GitHub contribution grap (skyline)
  • Source file viewer and syntax highlighting
  • Color themes in light and dark modes (flex_color_scheme)
  • In-app language switching (en, ru, hy)
  • Whats New functionality
  • Invite friends functionality
  • Clone repository directly to app
  • Support iOS, Android, Web, and Windows


  • Clean architecture (BLoC)
  • Dependency injection (GetIt)
  • REST API v3 (for unauthenticated or basic authentication) (Chopper, Freezed)
  • GraphQL API v4 (for OAuth2 authentication) (graphql_flutter)
  • Mixpanel and Firebase analytics events
  • Crash reporting
  • Logging
  • Google ads implementation, can be enabled/disabled from settings
  • Add tests


MIT License. See LICENSE.


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