An app to manage your game of Loup garous de thiercelieu also known as The Werewolves of Millers Hollow.

Read about the game here.

Why ?

Managing a game of Werewolves is a complicated task for the narrator (The game master), it requires memorizing the role of each player, the weird interactions and the actions performed by each one of them. It could be manageable for a small group of players (7-10), but when we cranck up the number, we need to have a pen and a paper to avoid messing up the game, and for this reason, I decided to create an application.


The currently verified working roles:

  • Protector (Salvateur)
  • Werewolf (Loup garou simple)
  • Father of Wolves (Loup père infecte)
  • Witch (Sorcière)
  • Seer (Voyante)
  • Knight (Chevalier)
  • Hunter (Chasseur/Barbier)
  • Judge (Juge)
  • Captain (Capitaine)
  • Villager (Simple villageois)

Note : This version of the game does not inherit all the rules of the original one.


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