MI2S Dart Language Study Group


Code collections for MI2S Dart lang study group.

Get started

  • Install flutter (which
    contains the dart SDK).
  • Clone the repo.
  • Install the dependency.

$ cd dart_practice
$ dart pub get
  • Create your own directory and put your feature code and test code there
    (test code should end with _test.dart).
  • Write feature and test code.
  • Run the test and make the test pass.

# Make sure you are in the project root directory. (i.e dart_practice/)
$ dart test .
  • Format the code.

$ dart format YOUR_DIR/
  • Push and create a pull request with the issue number.

Writing dart test

For more detail, see Writing dart test.

// Must import dart test library.
import 'package:test/test.dart';
// Import your feature code.
import 'add.dart';

void main() {
  // Test case 1.
  test('Add positive number.', () {
    expect(add(2, 3), 5);
    expect(add(4, 3), 7);

  // Test case 2.
  test('Add negative number.', () {
    expect(add(-2, 3), 1);
    expect(add(-5, -5), -10);

Git style

  • Squash all your commits before push.
  • Commit message style: [FEAT] FEATURE_NAME by YOUR_NAME., for example: [FEAT] Quick sort by Eric.

Reading resources


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