Bayer App : Solution Of multipurpose needs


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Problem Statement :
To build a prototype that can be used to scan/read the digital label for getting complete information about the product like usage, disposal, etc. And also prototype can be used to track the product, meet the delivery deadlines, and take the feedback and complaints or doubts regarding the specific product. Finally, it is important for the prototype to address how we will be treating the data, which can come from different formats and applications

Solution :
We will be creating an app that solves all the deliverables as mentioned on the site and this app can be used for two-way communication between BAYER and Customers in a very low-cost way.

The objective of the project :
To make it easier for the consumer to find the given Bayer product and confirm its authenticity, whether the real or fake product, and also to provide detailed information regarding the product

Methodology to solve :
To tackle counterfeiting of the product we have developed a scanning system that will be scanning the hologram or logo of the company which comes along with the product label and compares that with the original data by using the CNN and Deep learning model. If the product is Real then the consumer can scan the digital label which is actually the product label and by using Optical Character recognition which extracts the text i.e. the product name and compares that with the database (FIrebase) thereafter it provides the details like usage, dosage, applicability, etc. And using this application the consumer can also give his valuable feedback and complaints using the inbuilt chatbot feature. In addition to this, we have also a feature where the consumer can get the information of the product in the preferred language of audio or text.

Scope of the solution :
This solution has a vast reach, including customers who have a smartphone or who do not have it, everyone can use this solution with some basic knowledge of operating mobile phones.
The cost of the prototype is very low, it is all about making a few changes to the product’s label.
The UI is made in such a way that even a person with no prior knowledge can also understand it easily and can use the application.


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