Basic Dart reverse shell based on this one by Potato-Industries. Pretty self explanatory.

You’ll need Windows. I used a Windows 7 64-bit VM. From there:

  1. Install the Dart SDK from dart.dev via the instructions (using Chocolately is easiest)

  2. OPTIONAL: Install Visual Studio Community to get ‘editbin.exe’ so you can modify your Dart shell binary to run silently. Install the “Desktop Development with C++” package when prompted.

  3. Grab rs.dart from this repo

  4. Modify the host and port to a value that suits you

  5. Open a command prompt and compile the binary with dart2native:


  1. To stop the binary executing with a persistent black command window in the foreground, use editbin.exe from your Visual Studio install to hide it (optional):


  1. Transfer the binary to the target system, set up a listener on the box you configured and give it a crack.

It's not awesome right now - lots of cleanup to do (for example, every command sent spawns a new powershell process...), will get to that at some point.