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API Dash is a beautiful open-source cross-platform API Client that can help you easily create & customize your API requests, visually inspect responses and generate Dart code on the go.



API Dash is available for Mac and Windows currently, and can be downloaded from the links below:

Features of API Dash

Create & Customize API Requests

Using API Dash, you can draft API requests via an easy to use GUI which allows you to:

  • Create different types of HTTP requests (GET, HEAD, POST, PATCH, PUT and DELETE)
  • Easily manipulate and play around with request inputs like headers, query parameters and body.

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Visually inspect API Responses

Using API Dash, you can:

  • Inspect the API Response (HTTP status code, error message, headers, body, time taken)
  • View formatted code previews for responses of various content types like JSON, XML, YAML, HTML, SQL, etc.
  • For APIs which return results as images, API Dash helps you save a lot of time by directly previewing these results and supports a wide variety of image file formats such as jpeg, png, gif, etc.

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Generate Dart Code Automatically

API Dash is the only open source API client that supports advanced Dart code generation so that you can easily integrate APIs in your Dart/Flutter project. For each request, you can click on View Code to directly view the corresponding Dart code which you can then Copy and directly run it on DartPad.

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Other Features

  • All user data is persisted locally on the disk. To save the current snapshot, just press the Save button in the collection pane.
  • You can also re-arrange (press and drag), duplicate and delete the API drafts.

Need Any Help?

In case you need any help with API Dash or are encountering any issue while running the tool, please feel free to drop by our Discord server and we can have a chat in the #foss channel.

Provide Feedback, Report Bugs & Request New Features

Just click on the Issue tab to raise a new issue in this repo.

How can I Contribute?

We value your participation in this open source project. If you have ideas or suggestions to improve API Dash, please feel free to start a new Issue in this repository. We would love to work with you on the subsequent PRs.

I have not contributed to any open source project before. Will I get any guidance?

In case you are new to the open source ecosystem, we would be more than happy to guide you through the entire process. Please feel free to get in touch via GitHub issues or drop by our Discord server.


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