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FilmKu is an open-source Flutter movie application that exemplifies clean architecture principles while leveraging the power of both Riverpod and Bloc for state management. The app utilizes the Movies Database API to provide users with an immersive movie discovery experience. With dependency injection powered by get_it, remote API calls managed by dio, and local data storage utilizing Isar, FilmKu offers a comprehensive solution for movie enthusiasts.

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  • Browse Movies: Dive into an expansive collection of films organized by popularity, top ratings.

  • Unlimited Scrolling: Enjoy seamless and endless browsing of movies with the addition of an unlimited scrolling feature.

  • Movie Details: Access comprehensive information for each movie, including release dates, ratings, casts, and more.

  • Favorites: Bookmark movies as favorites for quick access and reference.

  • Responsive Design: FilmKu’s interface adapts seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes, powered by flutter_screenutil.

  • Offline Access: Enjoy access to recently viewed movies even without an active internet connection.

  • Loading Animations: Experience smooth loading animations with flutter_shimmer as the app fetches data.

Architecture and Libraries Used

The Flutter Movie Application embraces a variety of architectural principles and libraries to enhance development and maintainability:

Clean Architecture

The project follows the principles of clean architecture, categorizing code into distinct layers:

  • Data Layer: This contains data sources and repository implementations, offering a clear separation between data retrieval methods.

  • Domain Layer: The domain layer includes abstract repositories and use cases, representing the core business logic of the application.

  • Presentation Layer: Here, you’ll find the state management(Bloc & Riverpod) implementation , screens and widgets responsible for rendering the user interface.

State Management

The project features two branches, each showcasing a different state management approach:

  • Master Branch: Utilizes the Riverpod state management library for predictable and efficient state management.

  • Bloc Branch: Implements the Bloc state management library, providing a different perspective on state management techniques.

Dependency Injection

get_it is used for dependency injection, ensuring the application is decoupled and modular.


Dio is employed to facilitate remote API calls, enhancing the efficiency of data retrieval.

Local Database

Isar is utilized for local database storage, enabling seamless offline access to previously viewed movies.

Functional Programming

Dartz library is integrated to introduce functional programming concepts, resulting in more predictable and expressive code.

Code Generation

Freezed is employed for code generation, simplifying the creation of data classes and reducing boilerplate code.

Other Libraries

  • flutter_svg for loading SVG images.
  • flutter_screenutil for responsive screen design.
  • equatable for efficient class comparisons.
  • go_router for handling application routing.
  • shimmer for smooth loading animations.
  • cached_network_image for image caching.
  • flutter_dotenv for managing environment variables.

Getting Started

To set up the FilmKu Flutter Movie Application on your local machine, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the Repository: Open a terminal and run the following command to clone the project repository:

    git clone
  2. Create a .env file in the root directory of the project. Add the following lines, replacing ADD YOUR API KEY with your actual API key. You can generate your API key from here:

  3. Choose the state management approach:

  • For Riverpod implementation, stay on the master branch.
  • For Bloc implementation, switch to the bloc branch using:
    git checkout bloc
  1. Install project dependencies:
    flutter get pub
  2. Generate necessary code using build_runner:
    flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs

Now you’re ready to explore the FilmKu Flutter Movie Application! Depending on your chosen state management branch, you can delve into either the Riverpod or Bloc implementation. For any questions or issues, refer to the documentation or seek assistance from the project community.

Feel free to explore the various features and functionalities outlined in the README.


Contributions are welcome! If you want to contribute to the Flutter Movie Application, simply follow these steps:

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Create a new branch for your feature or bug fix: git checkout -b feature/your-feature-name or bugfix/issue-number.
  3. Make your changes and commit them: git commit -m 'Add some feature'.
  4. Push your changes to the branch: git push origin feature/your-feature-name.
  5. Open a pull request against the master branch of the original repository.

Your contributions help enhance the FilmKu Flutter Movie Application. Feel free to propose new features, improve existing ones, or fix bugs. Together, we can make FilmKu even better!


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


  • The Movies Database API provides the movie data that powers the application.

Experience the world of movies with the Flutter Movie Application! If you encounter issues or have suggestions, please feel free to create an issue on the GitHub repository. Enjoy exploring and watching movies with this versatile and feature-rich application!


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