This is an online grocery selling app developed using flutter and firebase for a grocery shop.This app was developed for one of my client's grocery stores.The main aim of making this project open source is because this project will cover all the basics of flutter and firebase.

App Screenshots





More screenshots are available in the screenshots folder in the repo.


  • Admin Panel
  • OTP Authentication using Firebase
  • Firestore is used as database
  • Cart Page
  • Order detail page
  • Add prdcuts by admin

And much more...

Getting Started

NOTE:Make sure your Flutter environment is setup.


In the command terminal, run the following commands:

$ git clone [email protected]:ShyamKrishna122/Grocery_APP.git
$ cd Grocery-APP-Flutter/

Setup Flutter Firebase integration

Check out the documentation to setup Flutter Firebase integration.

For Android

In android/app folder add your google-service.json.

For iOS

In ios/Runner folder add your GoogleService-Info.plist.

Start your Flutter project by running the command:
$ flutter run
Check out Flutter’s online documentation for help getting start with your Flutter project.