DartLens is an intuitive and powerful tool for exploring and managing your Dart and Flutter projects. With DartLens, you can easily visualize the connections between elements, find potential issues, make changes to your code, upgrade packages, and more. The app gives you an overview of all the files, classes, and declarations, providing a clear and concise UML diagram of your project. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting with Dart and Flutter, DartLens will help you navigate your projects with ease.

DartLens screenshot 1

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How to run it

There are no official releases yet. You can run the app from source code with flutter run.


DartLens is developed in Flutter. It works on all desktop operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux).

Note: The app was developed and tested with Flutter 3.3.

Setup, how to run and build: https://docs.flutter.dev/desktop

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Created by @albemala (Twitter)


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