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Empty is an esoteric language designed to convert a sequence of keywords into a pure alphabetic sentence. It provides a set of keywords to the user to create a sequence to produce an alphabetic sentence. But the most unique feature of this particular esolang is that every keyword sounds like ‘Empty’ when they are pronounced.

How Does It Work?

Empty uses only 26 alphabetic characters to produce a sentence. It does not deal with symbols, numbers, or any other character. The alphabet is arranged in a natural order which is a-z. A specific position has been assigned to every alphabet. For instance, a – 1, b – 2, c – 3 … z – 26.

In order to display a character, the user must pick a keyword and the keyword’s length must match the desired character’s position.


'empty' 'empt' 'mpty' 'emt' 'mpt' 'mty' 'mt'  // Lowercase Keywords
'^empty' '^empt' '^mpty' '^emt' '^mpt' '^mty' '^mt'  // Uppercase Keywords


Let’s imagine we want to display ‘Cab’. The sequence will be –

^emt. .mt

Woah that looks weird. Let’s break it down…

  1. Notice that the sequence is using . to separate the keywords.
  2. The first keyword is ^emt. The keyword ’emt’ has a length of 3, which refers to the alphabetic position 3 (c). And the ^ symbol is used to ‘Capitalize’ the alphabet.
  3. The second keyword is just a single empty space. The whitespace is technically ’empty’. Single whitespace refers to the alphabetic position 1 (a).
  4. Finally, the third keyword is mt with a length of 2, referring to position 2 (b).

Let’s spice things up! We will display ‘Hi’. The sequence will be –

^empty mpt.empty empt
  1. Notice that there is more than 1 keyword. Length of ’empty’ = 5 and ‘mpt’ = 3. So 5 + 3 = 8 (h). And the ^ at the beginning to Uppercase the ‘h’.
  2. In the second part, the length of ’empty’ = 5 and ’empt’ = 4. So 5 + 3 = 9 (i).


We use whitespace to separate words in a sentence right? Well, how can we represent whitespace in ‘Empty’? It’s simple. In order to display whitespace, there must absolutely be nothing within 2 separators. Look at the example below –

We want to display ‘A bee’. The sequence will be –

^ ..mt.empty.empty
  1. In the first part, there is ^ and a single whitespace. Single whitespace refers to 1 (a) and ^ for Capitalization (A).
  2. Here comes the interesting part. Notice that there is nothing between two ‘.’ in the second part. That’s how we can display whitespace.
  3. The keyword ’empty’ is used in the 3rd and 4th part as the length of ’empty’ = 5 (e)

Hello World

At last, here is the classic ‘Hello World’ using ‘Empty’ –

^empty emt.empty.empty empty mt.empty empty mt.empty empty empty..^empty empty empty empty emt.empty empty empty.empty empty empty emt. empty empty mt. empt


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