Flutter E-commerce App

🚀 A Flutter UI application for online shopping.

The design of this project was inspired by Toma from Marvie iOS App UI Kit.

This project relied on this Flutter Getx Template made by Emad Beltaje.

Demo of the application đŸŽĨ

Flutter E-commerce App Demo

Screenshots of the application 📷

Home 🏠 & Favorites ❤ī¸ Screens


Cart 🛒 & Product Details ℹī¸ Screens


Notifications 🔔 & Settings ⚙ī¸ Screens


Overview 📙

The Flutter eCommerce UI is a visually captivating and fully functional User Interface template for an online shopping application. This project aims to provide developers with a ready-to-use and customizable UI foundation, helping them to build delightful eCommerce apps quickly.

Dependencies đŸ“Ļī¸

Features 🌟

  • Browse the latest products.
  • Add product to favorite.
  • Remove product from favorite.
  • Add product to cart.
  • Remove product from cart.
  • View product details.
  • View notifications.
  • Toggle app theme to dark theme.

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Support ❤ī¸

For support, you can contact me at this Email or at Facebook.


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