MyWaifu: A mobile app that allows you to choose, customize and watch your very own waifu!

📲About MyWaifu

MyWaifu is an Augmented Reality app that allows users to have their own choice of “partner” in their phone. Users are able to choose between various waifu types and buy clothes for their waifu.

After clicking one of the panels in the home page, users can view their waifu through their camera via Google Scene Viewer!

Since this is a demo app, some of the code hasn’t been changed from the flutter template we used as the base of this project to make UI and sign up process easier. Note that all the Augmentated Reality, Waifu Types and Shopping Choices were made from scratch in only 12 hours of work, including research time since we’re begineers.

📸 Screenshots

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  1. An interactive and engaging app that allows you to have a virtual girlfriend, strictly only through Flutter.
  2. Customize your virtual significant other’s clothing and shop for them.
  3. Choose or replace your virtual waifu type in an instant!
  4. Supports both iOS and Android devices.


The MyWaifu mobile app was developed by a group formed during the Flutter Bootcamp organized by Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) Asia Pacific University and University of Malaya. After learning basics of Flutter in the workshops, we worked together to finish the project from scratch under 12 hours through the night, to pitch it the next day!

Yeo Yee TaoGitHub:

Sattish Pratap ShewkaniGitHub:

Quah Seng KitGitHub:

Elias YapGitHub:


If you’re having any issues or have queries while running the app, feel free to open a new Issue in the Issues Tab with details of your problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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