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FIPE app

This is an application case to make comparisons between cars of different brands and years in graph format in a period of 12 months (1 year) through the API of Cenário Capital LTDA. The application was fully developed on Flutter in version 3.0.3 being aimed at Android and MacOS.

⚠️ Attention

  • The API is NOT officially declared as a public API, so there are restrictions on using it, so use it sparingly.
  • The use of the API is not being done through exposure, hacking, bypass and/or improper access, it is just being done because it has no blocks and also because it is simply consultable.
  • The elaboration of the project is solely and strictly for the purposes of studies and learning without commercial or appropriation purposes as the project license reacts.
  • This repository has no link with FIPE and is intended to be just informative, if you have any questions, visit http://veiculos.fipe.org.br/


Main page

On this page it is possible to choose the year, model and brand of a car

One car chart

This will show a graph of the value within 12 months of a car

Multiple cars charts

In this one it will be similar to the previous one but with several cars


At the end of the page, the details of a specific month will be shown, which can be changed by clicking on the graph


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