• A great flutter and efficacious package for an aesthetic text hover effect


To use this package, add text_hover as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.



  • Import the library
import 'package:text_hover/text_hover.dart';
  • In order to use this package, we just need to give the TextHover widget a text with a config.
  • Config is used to configure the hover effect and has duration,letterWidth, hoverColor, textColor, duration, expand properties

  text: 'Aesthetic',
  config: Config(
   hoverColor: Colors.orangeAccent


TextHover properties

Name Type Default Description
text String required the text to apply the hover effect on
config Config required configuration of the hover effect

Now enjoy!

Refer to example folder and the source code for more information.


  • I would like to thank David Philips Philip Davis for the inspiration for this library, which I think will be useful for Flutter community.


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