WebView TTS

web_view_tts version

Flutter library To add Text-To-Speech Support in Android WebView

Getting Started

Using flutter_inappwebview for WebView and flutter_tts for Android TTS

Import these Libraries in your pubspec.yaml

flutter_inappwebview: ^5.4.3+7
web_view_tts: 0.0.1

Add WebView in your Project , Check flutter_inappwebview docs for setting up WebView

And check flutter_tts docs for adding TTS


in your onLoadStart callback of flutter_inappwebview , add this method

onLoadStart(controller) async {
    await WebViewTTS.init(controller: controller);

Checkout /example app for more details


The web_view_tts lib supports the following TTS Api’s:

  • Speak
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • getVoices
  • setVolume
  • setPitch
  • setRate


This library will add TTS polyfill for android only , because IOS WebView already supports this

Additional information

This is Just The Initial Version feel free to Contribute or Report any Bug!


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