A wrapper of Flutter commands, used daily for flutter development.


Currently, these commands are available.

Wrapper Command Flutter Command
fcm apk flutter build apk --dart-define="env=env" --flavor flavor --target target
fcm build flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs
fcm fmt flutter format .
fcm ipa flutter build ipa --release --dart-define="env=env" --flavor flavor --export-options-plist=export-options.plist --target target
fcm run flutter run --dart-define="env=env" --flavor flavor --target target
fcm ss flutter screenshot
fcm test flutter test

Getting started

Activate this package in the machine using this command

dart pub global activate --source git https://github.com/syedmurtaza108/flutter_commands

To deactivate this package

dart pub global deactivate flutter_commands


Following flags can also be used to manipulate default behaviour of the commands

Flag Availability Description
-h, --help all Prints usage information
-f, --flutter all Modifies default alias (flutter) to the given one. e.g. fcm fmt -f flutter2 would run flutter2 format .
-e, --env run, apk, ipa Changes the environment of flutter application
-l, --flavor run, apk, ipa Changes the flavor of flutter application
-x, --export-options ipa Changes the export-options-plist flag of flutter build ipa command
-l, --flavor run, apk, ipa Changes the flavor of flutter application


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