Flutter File Finder

Windows (More OS Support to be added)

What is?

As a developer, I spend so much time looking through files using an IDE’s search feature. These are great but what if I need to search through different projects for something? These projects can often be in different languages and frameworks that often require different IDEs… That’s a nope from me.

Flutter File Finder Solves this issue.

So far, it only allows you to look through the following files:

  • C# (C Sharp) .cs
  • TypeScript .ts
  • SASS .scss

Simply because these are the file types I look through the most, feel free to add whatever file type you want though.

I will eventually be replacing this with a drop-down list that will incrementally add the file types you want to search against, but this is fine for now.

How does it work?

  • It uses file_picker: ^4.6.1 to select a path (unless you manually enter the path you want to search against)
  • It iterates through the file system recursively,
    • if the file extension matches, check against the query
      • parse the file for the search query


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